June 2016

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June 2016


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Page No:  3  Fathers and Sons, Brother to Brother
Page No:  5  Respect…Hard To Gain But Easy To Lose
Page No:  6  FIAT LUX! The Elias Ashmole Society Brings The Light
Page No:  7  Your Dollars at Work - Masonicare at Newtown’s New Creative Arts Room
Page No:  8  We Welcome Our New Brothers to the Fraternity
Page No:  9  Grand Historian’s Corner
Page No:  10  Daily Freemasonry Discussion
Page No:  10  Hiram Lodge No. 1 Commemorates Powder House Day
Page No:  11  Village Celebrates Special Anniversary
Page No:  12  Grand Master’s Trestleboard
Page No:  13  Hodapp at Unity Lodge No. 148
Page No:  13  Quality of Life Walk
Page No:  14  Cosmopolitan Lodge Celebrates Years and Decades of Masonic Membership
Page No:  15  From the desk of Bro. Stephen B. McPherson
Page No:  15  Masonicare “Mothers and Others” Luncheon
Page No:  16  Of Fellowcrafts and the Shortcomings of Materialism
Page No:  17  Sphinx Booster
Page No:  17  Sphinx Chanters are looking for Singers!
Page No:  18  Chicken Challenge Returns!
Page No:  18  BFit Program Check Presentation
Page No:  19  Seven Masonicare Nurses Honored
Page No:  19  Visit Sphinx Shriners Booth at Grand Masters Day!
Page No:  22  Connecticut York Rite Opportunities
Page No:  23  Married Nightingale Honorees Bring New Meaning to “In Sickness and In Health”
Page No:  24  News From The Valley of New Haven, A.A.S.R.
Page No:  24  Eagle Scout Presentation
Page No:  25  News From The Valley of Hartford, A.A.S.R.
Page No:  27  Masonicare Health Center Thanks Volunteers And Awards Scholarships
Page No:  29  Honorary Doctorate
Page No:  32  Craft At Refreshment
Page No:  33  Craft At Labor
Page No:  34  Boosters
Page No:  35  DeMolay Golf Tournament
Page No:  36  Grand Masters Day Family Festival
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